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Atasagun; is a company established in Konya in 2013, operating in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, design and art.

It has a team that believes that every space has its own unique texture and energy, and feeds on creating exciting spaces by designing projects that give life to it with the energies of the people who will live in it.

In its projects, it has set itself the goal of working with names who are experts in their business in every field.

It is an institution that cooperates with artists, designers and artisans.

Our Projects

Atasağun İç Mimarlık


It is the job of Mrs. Şeyma to turn ideas into magnificent works. I admire architects who turn dreams into reality, and you are one of them.

Göktun Çelik

Architecture is the heart of the business. Every architect knows that lighting creates an environment . Thank you very much for making us experience unforgettable memories with your designs and being the light for us. Endless thanks to Atasagun Interior Architecture for making our dreams possible. We are glad that we have chosen you with utmost trust.

Melike - Mehmet Can Çelik

An architect is a person who beautifies a house or place. I love you so much Mrs Şeyma , who beautifies our house and my room.


The magic of architects is in the details; Şeyma ATASAĞUN, our beloved architect, who can fascinate us, who is in every delicacy. Establishing and designing a space consists of two basic elements. The durability of the exterior, aesthetics and the impressiveness of the interior design is the company that is an expert and successful in its field. She is an interior architect who applies her work and knowledge close to 100% and listens to customer expectations. Interior design is a process that requires patience. In this process, the customer who loves his job without getting bored is the one who keeps happiness first. Dreams are free, the hard thing is to turn them into reality. We love you so much

Çelik Family

I am very pleased with the designs, careful work, assistance in product supply, and the assistance and services they provide to the practitioners of Atasağun Interior Architecture, who originally made the interior architectural drawings of our office.


Our meeting with Atasağun Interior Architecture was through an acquaintance. We told Mrs. Şeyma about our expectations from our new house and what kind of living space we would like to have and left the rest to her original design. The result was a design far beyond our expectations; Her professional work ethic, dynamic structure, ability to turn original ideas into reality and her aesthetics were admirable. We were proud and honored to work with her, but we would say Atasağun Interior Architecture again. Thank you again for your hard work and good luck.

Fatma Ahmet KAYA

I met Atasagun Interior Architecture family in 2017. I had the opportunity to work with one of our projects. On behalf of myself and my company, we had a very successful and problem-free business partnership. I have no doubt that we will be able to get professional help from them in our future projects, hope to work together in many projects. Sertler Gayrimenkul ve İnşaat Tic Ltd Şti

Hasan SERT

Most of the words that can be said have been said now, if the person we are talking about here first became an architect, then became our friend and sister, has become a very valuable part of your life, and is one of the only people you look for in good times and bad days. We started working with Atasağun Interior Architecture in 2017. During our first meeting, the very dear Şeyma listened to us carefully and meticulously. In fact, even we didn't know exactly what we wanted, it offered us beyond our dreams. I remember the day she made his first presentation, the deep silence at the end of the presentation, we were almost speechless. We were struck at the first moment by the original, functional and stylish project, which has nothing to do with the projects prepared before. It was different, and in fact, it completely reflected us. This is a great enthusiasm. and excitedly construction began. Atasağun Interior Architecture followed this complicated process one-on-one. Mrs. Şeyma carried out the necessary controls meticulously. Mrs. Tuğba took care of every single detail. They worked as if they were working for their own house, not for a customer. In all moments of crisis, they managed us with common sense and tolerance, thanks to which all crises turned into an opportunity. Finally, in May 2022, we moved in our house. In every corner we look at our new home with my wife and two children, we find subtle pleasure, harmony, comfort and peace. Atasağun Interior Architecture, who understands us better than ourselves and thinks more, has been our biggest chance in this process. Architecture; designing a house is not one, but the common dream of many people; means giving them a new life. Now is the time to enjoy our new life. With all my heart, on behalf of myself and my family, I would like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Şeyma Atasağun.

Ahmet & Rana SERTOK

We worked with Atasagun Interior Architecture on our Garden Life and Loca Garden villa projects located in Selçuklu district of Konya. If you are trying to save space , if you have bought a new office or house , if you want to redecorate , if you are looking for solutions to your expectations , you are in the right place . It provides service by observing your expectations , goals , the requirements of the project and how it will use its space very well , producing solutions . Her work perspective, being solution-oriented and disciplined in problems, owning the work he will do, are the features that distinguish him from other colleagues. She is the preferred person for her. We would like to thank our company, Atasagun Interior Architecture for their efforts and services.


Hello, I am Şehnaz KARACAOĞLU. 3 years ago, my wife and I bought a beautiful villa within the complex in Meram district of Konya. After we received the completed construction of the villa, we needed to find an interior designer with a successful vision who would reflect and develop our dream. Yes, this name was indisputably Şeyma ATASAĞUN. I had heard her name before, I trusted her, when I asked two or three of my friends, they gave the name of Şeyma ATASAĞUN. Afterwards, my wife and I made an appointment with her and went to his office. We were amazed by his interest from the moment we entered the room until he greeted us and sent us off. She told us about his work, her vision and what she can do. We told her what we wanted in the house we bought. Mrs. Şeyma added more beautiful thoughts along with our wishes, and after a while, she hosted us again in the office and presented the renderings of the masterpiece she had made. We liked it very much and we delivered our job to Mrs. Şeyma with peace of mind. We received a very good service in the follow-up of Mrs. Şeyma. The result is a wonderful house. We have been living happily for about 2.5 years. I would like to express my endless thanks to him. The guests who come to our house like it very much. I repeat the name of Mrs. Şeyma every time. Mrs. Şeyma is a brand for Konya. I wish him continued success in his future business life.


Dear Şeyma, You have a profession that requires patience, dedication and experience. And you fulfill the requirements of this profession more than enough. By creating wonders in a short time, you have made this wonderful building our home, not only with its architecture but also with its finest details. You are a true artist in your profession. You have almost integrated with both the lines of our house and the spirit inside. You are a character and an artist who is loved not only by business but also by those around you. Thank you very much for your effort, dedication and interest in making the building a magnificent and peaceful home. I hope that this beautiful light you spread around you will always make your future bright.

Tuba & Ali BAĞCI

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